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Who is Tia Dalma??

The name implies several linguistic possibilities stemming from mixes of Spanish and Arabic, or the dilution of Spanish in the early Caribbean.
Tia for the Spanish "Aunt" and Dalma, which could be a reference to the colloquial "Caribbean Spanish" "DEL MAR"; or to the island off the coast of the now U.A.E., Delma. Dalma could also be a reference to the Spanish phrase "de Alma", which means "of the soul".
Alternatively, it could be an anagram for Dalmatia, a region whose coast was a haven for pirates when it was known as the Roman province of Illyricum.

There are some picture of Tia Dalma

Tia Dalma in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Tia Dalma was originally the goddess Calypso. During this time, Davy Jones fell in love with her. Calypso gave him the task of guiding the spirits of the dead lost at sea and Jones accepted the task out of love for her. However, she scorned him when he returned to see her ten years later.
Feeling jilted, Davy Jones made a secret agreement with the Pirate Lords. He showed them how to bind her to human form using Pieces of Eight; and thus, at the first Brethren Court, the pirates "captured the Sea Goddess, and bound her in her bones." Her binding tamed the seas and satisfied Jones's desire for vengeance. This entrapment could only be reversed if the Brethren Court reassembled, resubmitted the original nine Pieces of Eight they used to bind her, and burned them.
During her human sojourn she was commonly called Tia Dalma. She was unaware of the crucial role that her former inamorato, Jones, had played in her imprisonment.
Little of Tia Dalma's past is known from this point on, save for an association with pirates like James Sterling and Jack Sparrow. By the time Sparrow turned 16, Tia Dalma was already established on the Pantano River, and was considered to be the greatest mystic in the Caribbean. She returned to Jack the eye of Stone-Eyed Sam along with two beads that allowed him to summon the spirit of Montecuhzoma to defeat the phantom Hernán Cortés. Later, during a meeting with the crew of the Barnacle, Dalma professed to have
divined something of Sparrow's future, and seemed to be aware that the Chest of Cortés would play a part in his later life. It was during this time that Dalma provided Sparrow with catnip; the means to return Constance Magliore to her human form, after Dalma herself transformed the girl into a cat.
In the late 1720s, the Pharaoh Taharka from the island of Kerma visited Tia Dalma in her shack, searching for a cure for his ill son, Prince Aniba. Tia Dalma had the cure, but she demanded a payment, and Taharka went to search for it. Taharka finally obtained the cure, but he was soon killed during the rogue pirate attack. The cure was destroyed, and Aniba died.
It was thought that Tia and Sparrow became lovers at some point during the latter's adult life Jack confessed to having "known" her at a time when they had been "inseparable" and Dalma provided him with his compass; a mysterious device that pointed to that which its user truly wanted.
Many years after she and Sparrow last parted ways, he returned to her in need of her assistance. Pursued across the Caribbean by the dreaded Kraken, he planned to find the Dead Man's Chest, and in doing so taking control of Davy Jones's heart, resting within, and ensuring his control over Jones and his Kraken. Although Tia seemed pleased to see Jack upon his arrival at her shack, she appeared more interested in his companion, William Turner, to whose boyish good looks Tia was instantly attracted. She told Will that he had "a touch of destiny", confusing Will as to what she knows. Jack, with more than a touch of jealousy wanted to get straight to business.
A series of trades took place, leaving Jack with the location of the Flying Dutchman divined by Tia through the "reading" of crab claws—and a jar of dirt to protect him from Jones, while Dalma now found herself in the possession of an undead monkey belonging to the late Captain Barbossa. Sparrow departed with his crew to track down Davy Jones, leaving Dalma alone in her shack—or so they believed.
Jack's crew would soon return to Tia Dalma's shack, but this time without their Captain. Jack had fallen to the Kraken, going down with his ship as the beast dragged the Black Pearl down to Davy Jones' Locker. Tia had apparently foreseen this eventuality, and informed the mourning crew that there was a chance to save Jack. Their journey would take them to World's End, but, though Tia would be joining them on their quest, they would need the leadership of a Captain who knew the waters of World's End. With that, she introduced the resurrected Barbossa to the stunned crew.
It appeared that Tia had been responsible, either partly or perhaps completely, for Barbossa's return to the world of the living after Jack shot him in the heart on Isla de Muerta a year earlier. Tia, seemingly more powerful than any of the crew could have guessed, seemed set to lend her mystical aid to the return of Captain Jack Sparrow at World's End.
Tia Dalma sailed with the rest of the crew to Singapore and took part in the fight against Lord Cutler Beckett's men. She went with the group as they sailed to Davy Jones' Locker. Her power let her command the crabs there to drag the Black Pearl back to the sea.
At Shipwreck Island, the Brethren Court decided not to release Calypso from her human form. However, having his crewman steal the Pieces of Eight, Barbossa decided to do so anyway. He burned the pieces of eight, and Ragetti spoke the incantation, "Calypso, I release you from your human bonds" as a lover would. The ritual was successful. But before she could change into another shape, Will Turner revealed to her that Davy Jones was her betrayer; the one who had told the First Brethren Court how to bind her.
Enraged by this information, Calypso began to change. She grew and became several stories tall in a matter of moments; once she stopped growing, she looked down at the pirates. Barbossa approached and knelt before her. She listened to Barbossa's supplication, then cried out incomprehensibly in a deep voice, "Malfaiteur en tombeau, crochir l'esplanade, dans l'fond d'l'eau!", French for "Across all the seas, find the path to he who wrongfully entombed me!". Then Calypso appeared to crumble. She dissolved into the form of thousands of small crabs. The crabs fell to the deck of the ship, overflowed into the sea, and were gone.
Calypso showed her wrath by summoning a maelstrom and striking the sea with lightning and rain. She also gave "favorable winds" to both the pirates and the EITC Armada, thus enticing both sides to do battle. After Davy Jones was defeated the maelstrom vanished and the seas were calm again.


When Jack Sparrow gives Tia Dalma Jack the monkey, its sudden good behavior in Tia Dalma’s hut foreshadows Barbossa's presence when the monkey is seen perching atop a pair of boots of an unseen individual in the adjacent room. Also when Jack Sparrow (Captain) is seen holding Captain Barbossa's hat. Tia Dalma also foreshadows Will Turner's fate, stating he has "a touch of destiny", which was ultimately unveiled in the third film. She also slyly revealed the fact that Davy Jones cut out his heart for his true love. When there was a brief debate over whether it was the sea or a woman, she replied, "Same story, different versions, and all are true." Also, we see Davy Jones listen to and play a heart-shaped crab locket throughout the movies. In At World's End, it is revealed that Tia Dalma/Calypso has a twin locket; which is a sign of their love. Tia Dalma's twin locket can be seen on a table in her hut in Dead Man's Chest.
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